DX: 13.10.2020 - Meteor Scatter (UKW)

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DX: 13.10.2020 - Meteor Scatter (UKW)

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Mode Date UTC Frequency ITU Service Location Region Distance (km) Details RDS PI/PS
**MS 13.10.20 0225 104.30 ALG Radio Coran Aflou/Djebel Sidi Okba 3 1862 OM talks PI logged: 2208 PS logged: R.COR/CT
MS 13.10.20 0414 106.30 E RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias Chinchilla de Montearagón CAM-AB 1328 OM talks PI logged: E515 PS logged: RNE_5-AB
MS 13.10.20 0433 103.70 E Ecuashyri Madrid/Carabanchel-Buenavista MAD-M 1195 Music PI logged: 1037 PS logged: ECUASHYR
MS 13.10.20 0442 106.30 E RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias Chinchilla de Montearagón CAM-AB 1328 OM talks PI logged: E515 PS logged: ?NE_5-?B
MS 13.10.20 0647 102.20 POL PR Radio Katowice Katowice/Kosztowy SL 1352 OM talks PI logged: 3802 PS logged: KATOWICE _RADIO__
MS 13.10.20 1918 88.80 MRC SNRT Al Idaâ Al-Watania Meknès/Jebel Zerhoune 3 1917 YL talks PI logged: 1201 PS logged: SNRT-Nat

** denotes new logging (via this propagation mode)
!! denotes YouTube video available at http://www.youtube.com/c/MikeFallonSussexFMDX

Mike Fallon
East Sussex
N50°48' W0°1'

Today’s Map: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?dat ... 7&band=ALL

Receivers: * Sony XDR-F1HD (PC controlled via Seeeduino board & XDR-GTK software v.1.0) * Elad FDM-S2 SDR * Airspy HF+ Discovery * Airspy R2 SDR * Airspy Mini * SDR Play RSPDX *

Antenna: P.Körner designed 19.4 Yagi (with improved gain & F/B ratio) horizontal at 11m agl / 92m asl on a Tennamast 7.6m telescopic / tiltover mast
* 50MHz halfwave dipole for FT8 * GP cut for ~30MHz * TGN Ultra High IP VHF/FM masthead preamp with controller * CCW Multicoupler feeding all tuners/SDRs * Yaesu G1000DXC rotator *

Software: SDR# v1756 * SDR Console v3 * Elad FDM-SW2 v3.027 * RDS Spy v1.03 *

My Airspy HF+ Discovery/ Körner 19.4 is available online via SDR# SpyServer (when I’m not using the RX) at sdr://saltdean.ddns.net:5555

Propagation maps produced by FMLIST http://www.fmlist.org/ul_login.php?sprache=en
All-time Meteor Scatter Log map at
https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.67503 ... TX7T_gHCLE
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/MikeFallonSussexFMDX