DX: 04.02.2019 - Meteor Scatter (UKW)

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DX: 04.02.2019 - Meteor Scatter (UKW)

Beitrag von MikeF » Mi 6. Feb 2019, 07:19

100.6 E Canal Sur Radio, Cambil/Sierra Almadén https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-EIzRfDiso

Mode Date UTC Frequency ITU Service Location Region Distance (km) Details RDS PI/PS
MS 04.02.19 0322 97.90 E Canal Fiesta Radio Cambil/Sierra Almadén AND-J 1479 Music PI logged: E331 PS logged: C.Fiesta
!!**MS 04.02.19 0322 100.60 E Canal Sur Radio Cambil/Sierra Almadén AND-J 1479 OM talks PI logged: E332 PS logged: CanalSur
MS 04.02.19 0322 101.00 E RNE Radio Nacional Herencia Navajo CAM-CR 1305 Music PI logged: E211 PS logged: RNE_1___
MS 04.02.19 2332 105.00 HNG MR 3 Bartók Rádió Kab-hegy Ves 1354 Opera PI logged: B202 PS logged: _BARTOK_

** denotes new logging (via this propagation mode)
!! denotes YouTube video available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclhK0 ... TuogKGBIgg

Mike Fallon
East Sussex
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( http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/Tennamast.htm ) * GP cut for ~30MHz * OIRT/STL's 5 ele Yagi * TGN ULNA 3018 Mk.IV Band 2 masthead preamp * CCW Multicoupler feeding all tuners/SDRs

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