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However, broadcasters will be concerned by the definition at WRC-19 of agenda items to be discussed at WRC-23. A preliminary agenda for WRC-23 contains proposals to review the use of the UHF band 470-960 MHz. The core digital terrestrial television (DTT) band (470-862 MHz) has already been reduced by the allocation to mobile services of the 800 MHz band (790-862 MHz, known as the first digital dividend) and the 700 MHz band (694-790 MHz, second digital dividend). The remaining part, the 470-694 MHz band, is crucial for DTT in most European countries and WRC-23 will need to find flexible solutions to allow for other uses in certain countries while remaining compatible with DTT. The way the preliminary agenda is currently defined provides enough flexibility for different outcomes; the broadcast community needs to ensure that European countries at WRC-19 resist any attempt to bring the discussion forward to WRC-19 or to change the scope of WRC-23.
Auf der WRC-19 werden Ziele für die nächste WRC-Konferenz 2023 festgelegt. Eine vorläufige Tagesordnung für die WRC-23 soll die Überprüfung der Nutzung des UHF-Bandes 470-960 MHz sein.
Die Nutzung des für Fernsehverbreitung verbleibenden Teils des UHF-Bandes 470-694-MHz soll flexibilisiert werden. TV und Internet müssten sich das Band teilen.

Seite 5: https://www.dvb.org/resources/public/sc ... cene54.pdf