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Weiß jemand, warum Radio 1 sowohl im MF1, als auch im FU-E sendet (mit 192 kBit in DAB alt)? Es sind zwar unterschiedliche SIds, aber die Kennung ist gleich (wird vermutlich trotzdem einige verwirren).

http://www.digitalbitrate.com/dtv.php?m ... en&liste=2

Und wenn man möchte, könnte man MF1 und MF2 auf DAB+ umstellen und somit alle 12 (Radio Maria ist doppelt) in einem Mux unterbringen, aber die Spanier setzen ja noch immer auf DAB alt :verrueckt:
Radio 1 appears twice on DAB , because RNE (Radio Nacional de España) were given in year 2000 6 DAB licences, 4 in FU-E and 2 in MF1, and they have no enough programs to fill them.
So, they have to repeat one station.
The MF1 and MF2 muxes are not SFN (Single Frequency Network), the FU-E it is., although DAB has actually only 2 trasmitter sites, it works only in Madrid and Barcelona zones.
Theorically, the radiostations which have regional programming (RNE 1, RNE 5) should go in MF1 (or MF2) because they have different freq. in each zones, and the other ones (National programming) go to FU-E.
However, 15 years ago DAB transmissions were in all capital Spanish cities, but MF1 (and MF2)have never had any differences among different places.
Since the licenses were given 20 years ago, no other governments have made anything to boost DAB.
There are no DAB receivers anywhere, people who have one may have bought it outside Spain.
Stations are not interested in DAB because there is no audience, and audience is not interested in DAB because there are no interesting stations........
The government has only taken care of promoting Digital Television, but not Digital Radio.
They should transfer all licences to DAB+ and allow more stations to broadcast.
It has been a total disaster, but what do you have to expect from people whose mind is still thinking like in the military dictatorship 50 or 60 years ago ??? => Nothing.